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The international Historical Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main


Balken Startseite 2020

Under the motto "research dance - dance research", dancers, lovers of dance and scholars from all over the world come together to discuss, dance, gain inspiration and make new contacts.

        • Lectures present the current state of research.
        • Workshops give an opportunity to try out new dance styles and reconstructions.
        • Compact performances show current artistic interpretations.
        • Dance evenings and a celebratory ball provide a diversity of new contacts.
        • Sharing life together in the castle enables intensive days of encounter.

Current information:

Tanzmeister StaendebuchAnniversary year 2017

300 years after the publication of Gottfried Taubert's "Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister", the most important treatise on dance in German speaking countries, two outstanding conferences are going to celebrate this event:

Paris, 5 - 8 September 2017:

La danse francaise en Allemagne et son enseignement au début du XIIIe siècle

Autour du "Parfait Maitre à danser (Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister) de Gottfried Taubert (Leipzig 1717)

→ Download Invitation and Call for Papers for the conference in Paris

Leipzig, 20 - 23 September 2017:

International Symposium:
Gottfried Taubert's "Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister" (Leipzig 1717)
Contexts - Readings - Practices

hosted by the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Universität Leipzig at the Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig


→ Download Invitation and Call for Papers for the conference in Leipzig