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The international Historical Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main


Balken Startseite 2020

Under the motto "research dance - dance research", dancers, lovers of dance and scholars from all over the world come together to discuss, dance, gain inspiration and make new contacts.

        • Lectures present the current state of research.
        • Workshops give an opportunity to try out new dance styles and reconstructions.
        • Compact performances show current artistic interpretations.
        • Dance evenings and a celebratory ball provide a diversity of new contacts.
        • Sharing life together in the castle enables intensive days of encounter.

Current information:

tiepolo danceinthecountry-Herr1tiepolo danceinthecountry-Dame1Here it is at last! Today's 83rd anniversary of the birth of Barbara Sparti, to whom we have dedicated our upcoming Symposium, is the ideal moment to publish our call for papers.

Here you find the call for conference contributions. There are opportunities for lectures, posters, workshops, dance evenings and short performances associated with the topic.

If you want to make a proposal, please send it in by the 1st June, 2015:

Markus Lehner

Mühlfelder Str. 18b
D-82211 Herrsching

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.