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Information about Corona
(Status: 10 May 2022)

On this page we try to keep you informed about how the Corona pandemic will affect the organization of the meeting. Probably there will be a further improvement of the situation until June 2022, but a completely unaffected realization of the meeting is not very likely.

In the meantime, most Corona regulations have been lifted. This implies that the responsibility for one's own health and that of others is once again with the individual. We ask you very much for appropriate consideration towards all participants.

Please inform yourself about the latest legal regulations. The information compiled here is for your orientation, but the organizer assumes no liability in this regard.


Corona Checklist:

Hygienestation 2021 DSC01430

Preparations at home:

  • Sufficient vaccination protection?

    • We strongly recommend a Corona vaccination including a booster (three vaccinations). The vaccination is by far the best protection against infection and severe courses of disease.

  • Corona test before travel?

    • There is no longer an obligation to take a Covid test immediately before arriving at the castle, but this is very useful in order to largely exclude any risk to the other participants.

  • Regulations on the return journey?

    • Inquire also about the re-entry into the home country. Here tests or quarantine could be prescribed.


  • Arrival from EU countries?

    • According to current regulations, proof of a complete vaccination or of a Corona infection no longer than 3 months ago or of a current Corona test (certified antigen test or PCR test, not older than 48 hours) must be presented upon arrival.

    • Currently, no countries are considered high-risk or virus variant areas. Therefore, there is no need to fill out a digital entry application. However, please check this shortly before travel at

    • Attention. In Germany it is mandatory to wear FFP2/N95 masks in public transport (train, bus).

  • Arriving from outside the EU?

Stay at the castle:

  • Daily Corona Self Tests:

    • To increase the safety of the participants, we plan to conduct daily antigen self-tests during the conference. Test kits will be given to participants and are their own responsibility to perform each day before breakfast.

      Should a test be positive or should symptoms of illness occur during the stay, we unfortunately have to ask the person concerned to leave immediately. If it is not possible to leave on the same day, an isolated accommodation unit will be provided for overnight stay.

  • Other regulations:

    • Currently, masks (preferably FFP2/N95 masks) must be worn in all indoor spaces (except when dancing and at the dinner table).

    • The venues will be ventilated frequently. Please bring appropriate clothing to protect against drafts.

    • The maximum number of people in certain indoor rooms will be limited.

Return travel:

  • Mandatory testing before return?

    • Several countries require you to present a current negative Covid test upon re-entry. If you need an appropriate test, please contact the organization as soon as possible (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). On Sunday, only a few testing stations in the surrounding area will be open.

Back home:

  • Sick after the trip?

    • We hope that you are well protected with these precautions. However, should you fall ill with Corona within the first five days after returning home, please send a message to the organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).