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2nd Rothenfels Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main
21 - 25 May 2008


„From Pastoral to Revolution“
European Dance Culture
 in the 18th Century

A conference for amateur and professional dancers and dance historians


The glitter of the Sun King has faded, but the aristocracy still basks in the mild light of the Rococo, playing at shepherd idylls and pastoral fantasies. In the cities, however, a new light shines…. At first the Enlightenment is confined to philosophical and intellectual circles; however, it rapidly spreads to the middle classes, eventually igniting a revolutionary firestorm throughout Europe.

What path does dance follow in the change from ceremonial minuet to whirling waltz? How is dance influenced by the Enlightenment and rationalism, Empfindsamkeit and the late flowering of courtly decadence? To what extent does world-wide colonial trade, the resurgence of religious fervor, the increased power of the bourgeoisie, the emergence of classicism, or the beginning of the industrial revolution affect the different dance forms, both in theatres and ballrooms?

This thoroughly fascinating epoch, the focus of this year’s Rothenfels Symposium, will be explored through lectures, workshops, and dance evenings. The intended audience is both professional and amateur dancers as well as dance historians.

- A series of lectures conveys the current state of dance research.

- Workshops invite you to discover new stylistic directions.

- Short performances make possible new insights.

- A bookstore presents a rich selection of dance books, music and recordings.

- Social dance evenings with live music provide a relaxed ending to each day.

- A festive ball in (optional) period costume is the high point of the conference.

- All participants are lodged at Burg Rothenfels, so there is ample opportunity for
making acquaintances, discussing the lectures, and exchanging ideas in an informal setting.