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Simultandolmetscherin e dunkelrot

5th Historical Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main
10 - 14 June 2020

A Ball Paolo Panini aus1kl

The Ball
Pleasure - Power - Politics
1600 - 1900

The ball, a universal social phenomenon, whether at princely courts, civic festivities or private celebrations, has many new facets across the centuries.

Dedicated to the pleasures of dance in multifarious forms and styles, the ball is also an arena for displays of princely power, staged rituals, carefully regulated forms of social contact, and advantageous self-representation. Not least, the ballrooms of Europe reflect the continent’s political and societal developments, its evolutions and revolutions.

Our journey through three centuries of dance history not only leads us to the ballrooms of Vienna, Dresden and Moscow, but also illustrates the transfer of dance culture across the whole of Europe. We trace the lives of dancing masters who once drew crowds to the ballrooms and explore the various manifestations of balls on stage.

In addition to lectures, the symposium includes workshops and dance evenings, in which the most popular ball dances, such as minuet, allemande, contredanse and quadrille, evoke the atmosphere and sensibility of these epochs.


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