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              Historical Dance Symposium
       Burg Rothenfels am Main

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The conference centre Burg Rothenfels (Rothenfels Castle) has been a centre for religious and cultural learning for almost a hundred years. For decades, it has provided a home for historical dance and has thus become an established name for many dancers and dance groups in Germany.
The fortress structure, whose oldest parts date from the 12th century, furthermore offers an inspiring, atmospheric setting.

The castle lies directly on the Main between Würzburg and Frankfurt, 7 km north of Markt­heidenfeld.

The body responsible for the castle is the "Vereinigung der Freunde von Burg Rothenfels. e.V.".

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Renovation work at Burg Rothenfels:

Several years ago, serious damage to the roof truss of the castle's main wing was discovered, necessitating a multi-year renovation of the building. Originally, the work was to begin immediately after the 2020 Symposium. However, like the symposium, there were delays due to the pandemic.
As things stand, work is not scheduled to begin until the week after the symposium, but possibly a few days earlier. First of all, some excavation work is planned on the outside of the east tower as well as in the cellar of the main wing under the dining hall and the Rittersaal. If the work actually starts earlier, we cannot rule out construction noise in this area on Thursday and Friday, but have worked out solutions for this case.

During the conference, there will be a large crane in the inner courtyard of the castle, the sports field will be converted into a construction site access road, most of the parking spaces at the castle will be closed, but there are alternative options on the outskirts of the town.

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