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1st Rothenfels Dance Symposium
Burg Rothenfels am Main
9 - 13 June 2004


 „Sunrise of the Baroque“
Dance in the 17th century

 A conference for amateur and professional dancers and dance historians


The 17th century – a time of turbulent upheavals: Counter-Reformation and Thirty Years’ War, the decline of Italy and the Glorious Revolution, until, finally, the splendour of the Sun King shines out over all of Europe. Italy’s culture, once dominant throughout Europe, increasingly loses influence in dance as well. In France, on the other hand, the dance style becomes ever more refined, until the Academie Royale de la Danse gives it that noble form that we know from the operas of Lully and Campra. In the end, of course, the light, genial English Country Dance triumphs, initially at court at Versailles and then, under the French flag, conquering the whole of Europe.

To illuminate this exceptionally absorbing epoch and to present the dance sources of this period rediscovered in recent years is the aim of this first ever Rothenfels Symposium. The event is of equal interest to dancers, dance lovers and researchers:

- A series of lectures conveys the current state of dance research.

- Workshops invite you to discover new stylistic directions.

- Short performances make possible new insights.

- A bookstore presents a rich selection of dance books, music and recordings.

- Social dance evenings with live music provide a relaxed ending to each day.

- A festive ball in (optional) period costume is the high point of the conference.

- All participants are lodged at Burg Rothenfels, so there is ample opportunity for
making acquaintances, discussing the lectures, and exchanging ideas
in an informal setting.